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Sited Works
"Ashes to Ashes"
Site: Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia PA
"Ashes to Ashes" is meant to focus on human connection with nature in death. It is a reminder of the simple idea: that we are physically from the earth, that death will come to all of us, and that our remains will go back into the earth.

"Electric Decay"
Site: The Electric Factory: 421 N 7th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
This piece is meant to enhance the mundane moments where nature begins to reclaim industrial spaces. This piece aims to have pedestrians find connection to nature through a decaying urban environment.

"Building Origin"
Site: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: 118 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA, 19101 (4th floor)
By tracing the grain left behind from a wooden frame used for a concrete pour, "Building Origin" emphasizes the visual remnants of construction and brings the viewer back to a natural material, wood, in a building made of concrete.